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Welcome to the fun, inspiring, and creative world of Cathy Wiggins! Cathy’s joy is teaching and inspiring others to pursue their creative passion. A diverse teacher, Cathy offers a wide range of educational options from hands-on demonstrations, lectures and workshops for guilds and shows, to lectures tailored for large venue keynote addresses.

While some of Cathy's offerings have a recommended class size or specific work space requirements, most can be tailored to fit your particular needs. Per your request, lectures can be shortened and workshops can be streamlined to fit your needs. So if the descriptions that follow are not quite what you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact Cathy to see what can be done to make your event perfect.

Cathy offers four types of events:

  • Lectures – Ideal for audiences and venues of all sizes. 1 to 2 hours in length.

  • Hands-on Demostrations – Range from quilting demonstrations on longarm machines to piecing techniques on domestic machines to painting and shading techniques. 2 hours in length.

  • Workshops – Designed to give students the opportunity to learn something new to further their creative experiences through doing. Includes piecing, painting, design, career development, and more. 3 hours to multi-day retreats.

  • Quilting with Machines – Use domestic or longarm machines to learn various techniques Cathy uses in her award-winning quilts. 4 to 6 hours.

In the following description of each offering, the ideal audience size, student count, and time recommendations are listed. Any special facility requirements, such as protective coverings for painting classes, supply lists, kit fees and any pre-orders are also included.

Most classes have an accompanying handout or workbook. Cathy produces high quality, color, wire-bound workbooks. All handouts and workbooks for sale are optional but highly recommended. Aimed to alleviate note taking, they contain information Cathy covers her lectures and workshops.

After reading through the following descriptions you still do not find the type of lecture or workshop you are looking for, contact Cathy to see if she would consider developing a unique program for your event.
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